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2021Stjani, photo by Rick West
  Jan 15          Snow Dogs on farmland in Portugal Cove
  Mar 17          Paddy's Day with the Icies 2021 NEW!

  Jan 22         Snowshoeing on farmland in Portugal Cove 5 days after the big snow
  Mar 19         Last Day of Winter 2020. A good day for a walk
  Apr 7          Another good romp for the dogs
  June 11       Dogs and Dandelions in Pasture Land in Portugal Cove

  Jan 20         Stjani, Skarthi, Skipper and Tory near Portugal Cove
  Sep 9-16      Goose and Company, Green Forest Crescent/Christie Lake
  Dec 6           Snowy Morning 

  Feb 4          Skipper's Birthday Party at the Dog Park  
  Aug 15        Afternoon at the Pond with Skarthi, Stjani, Tory and kipper  

  Oct 29         Halloween at Brewkies  
  Dec 17         First Big Snow at the Dog Park  

  Aug 28        Ivan's Birthday Party 
  Dec 25        Christmas at the Dog Park  

  May  7         Stjani, day one  
  May  9-22    Stjani visits a Newfoundland dog, sees an iceberg,
                       goes for a walk and helps in the garden
  May 31        Stjani visits Stella and Nigel 
  Oct   5         Stjani at Cape Spear  
  Nov-Dec      Stjani and his friend, Hank